Vietnam War Memorial

The Three Soldiers Vietnam War Memorial


It was such a nightmare, horrors all around, but was I there
I remember hearing my own breathing and my body ridged with fear
As bullets flew past, singing in my ear
It was such a feeling, such a rush, but was I there
We fought, some died, we lost friends, brothers
We all were brave, we all stood tall, but was I there
So many young men, who’s names are on this wall
They gave their best, they gave their all, but was I there
My friends, my brothers, hear me cry, was I there
This my soul wishes to know, as my tear begin to flow
Was I there with you, why was I spared
My names is not listed, was I not there.
(Jerre Divebliss)

Washington Vietnam memorial 2Washington Vietnam Memorial

“At night it seems a hole in the earth,
Until you walk down;
The black wall veers to eye level and higher; the names multiply.
The hole becomes a precarious ledge On a darkened corner of the world.
At the apex, the shock descends,
Like the percussion of monstrous hands:
The enormity, if not horror, of war dead.” (Christopher Guerin)

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