Black Swans

OZ Black Swan


This chap was swimming off my jetty the other evening and a very friendly animal to boot. He and his mate were scrounging for food and I went to fetch some fresh bread to feed them.  I was curious to know a little more about them and on doing a little research found that they are native to almost all coastal areas of Australia except the Cape York Peninsula.

They are a protected species in Australia. They are herbivorous (vegetarian) and live mostly on algae and weeds found in river banks and canals.

It is OK to feed them but if you give them bread it must be fresh as mould is poisonous to them.  It is preferable to feed them a mixture of lettuce and spinach or other greens.  Always throw the food into the water so that they can eat it wet and never encourage them to come onto the land as they are very clumsy out of the water.

This guy seemed quite used to humans!


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