Bangalow, New South Wales

On a sunny Thursday in June a group of “girls” climbed into the Landcruiser for our first local day trip adventure to Bangalow in New South Wales. We were like schoolgirls on that first outing of the school year, released for the day with nothing more in mind than to find a good coffee shop (always a start of the day requirement), a few interesting dress or other shops to browse through and a good chat with best friends.

Bangalow is a small town in Northern New South Wales, Australia and about an hours easy drive from the Gold Coast.

The town is 500 miles or so north of  Syney and roughly a 100 miles south of Brisbane, it is easily found just off the Pacific Highway which is the main route between Brisbane and Sydney.

According to Wikipedia, the town’s name appears to have been derived from an Aboriginal word, “Bangalla”, said to mean ‘a low hill’ or ‘a kind of palm tree’.

There were some interesting characters to be found there and the school which was built in 1884 is a building to check out.

We found great coffee, ( Pantry 29, their cakes are to die for!) wonderful boutiques and generally a welcoming spirit amongst the residents. It is definitely a spot to be recommended for a nice and peaceful day out in the country.

Bangalow-4 Bangalow-3 bangalow-2 Bangalow-1

We will hold hands together
Laugh and smile together
Share our secrets together
And help each other together 

                                             Allyson Gordon

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