Tuesday 23rd July

Dear Diary,

What a fuss on the news today, a Royal Baby, a Future King, like any of us will be around when he becomes King…everything’s being painted blue, from the water in the Trafalgar Square fountains to the Storey Bridge in Brisbane, a Future King..we’ll be a Republic by then!

Dog park was good today, Lola played with me and Sparky the Jack Russell tried to force his attentions on me, that one’s an idiot doesn’t know one end of a dog from another, swatted him off like an annoying fly.

New viewing deck is almost finished, told my mom she needs to get some comfy furniture up there, I see it as my new lounging spot.

SAFFA Words of Wisdom today:

“”Hold a true friend with both your hands” (Nigerian Quote)

Night all, sweet dreams.

Barney Rubble

My brother – Barney

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