Wednesday 24th July

Dear Diary,

Well another exciting day is over, one of the coldest ever known on the Goldie.  Almost didn’t get out of bed this am but our mother refuses to give us breakfast in bed.  I personally feel this is unreasonable as SHE is always eating in bed!

Morning was spent trying to catch up on a few zzz’s despite the endless banging going on outside the patio doors, fortunately that is all finished now and mother must be pleased as she is not muttering about the poor quality of Gold Coast Tradies ..will it last I ask.

Dog Park was a BLAST today, couple of newbies who had to be sorted out and had to stop Barney from eating Peanut, who has to be the smallest dog I have ever seen.

We were a bit confused today as someone kept on yelling “Hershey”. OMW I thought,” has he returned from the beyond?”, however I eventually realised that a small sausage dog owned that name…REALLY!

Snugged in now, so night night all…..thought for the day….

“A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has it’s place”.


 My sister and love of my life, Bella

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