Thursday 25th July

Dear Diary

BABIES! They have been everywhere today, first of all they are still going on about the Future King or Baby Cambridge as he was renamed  for about 48 hours – only to find that he had been renamed again, this time he will be a George! George I ask you, Barney has a mate down the road called George, can you name a Future King after a Labrador?

Anyhoo, we had just gotten over that news when I heard that my Aunty Cath and Uncle Linds in Johannesburg have produced a BABY, dear me, and he is called Harry…another Royal name.  However I think the Future King’s family have cheated a bit as George’s middle name is Alexander and that is baby Harry’s surname.

After all the baby trauma I had a quiet morning snoozing only to be rudely awoken by the arrival of another BABY, I must tell you at this point that my sister Bella is still traumatised by that visit as she thought BABY Ethel had come to stay.  Luckily for us all she went home with Aunty Mands.

Barney disgraced himself just before we went to the dog park, he jumped into the boot of the car and dislodged a bottle of Arrogant Frog that the mother had just purchased from BWS.  Unfortunately it hit the ground with quite a crash and stained the driveway a deep red colour.  This was accompanied with banshee like screaming from you know we all know whatever crime you commit you NEVER spill the woman’s wine!

The dog park was a dream after such a trying day, made a new friend, Harley, a black labradoodle who bears a strong resemblance to my friend Sid.  A couple of newbies caused a fracas, no one in the park with food today!

Ah well, sleep calls. Night All.

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