Friday 26th July

Dear Diary,

What a day, mother has been muttering darkly all day about Gold Coast Tradies and why do they constantly need to use her newly cleaned loo all the time.

We must be having visitors tonight as there has been a flurry of cleaning activity and a mass cook in going on for most of the day!

My brother Barney was very non PC today when he almost attacked a Tradie in our kitchen as he was on his way to use the newly cleaned loo. It appeared that the Tradie being the same colour as himself, caused my brother to behave in a very ungentlemanly way and caused the Tradie to exit the kitchen in a quite undignified manner.

I told him that his behaviour, whilst acceptable in Africa, is a bit non PC here on the Goldie, he was duly chastised and promised not to do it again.

Saw all my mates at the Park, there was a newbie called Mica there today, she quite fancied Mack but he really isn’t into women at this stage.

Oh well…dinner beckons and we can sleep in a bit tomorrow I am told.

Night Night Peeps!

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