Saturday 27th July

Dear Diary,

The promised slow start to the day just never happened, the sun was barely up over the horizon before those people my mother calls “Tradies” arrived. They seem to be fixated with our loo judging by the number of requests to visit it, don’t they have a loo at home I am wondering or do they just want to save on toilet paper?  It is an interesting debate and one that I may return to at a later date.

My sister Bella shattered the serenity of the early morning light by going ballistic when she saw a hot air balloon floating over our garden.  Her performance was quite disgraceful.  I asked her what harm could possibly come from a few people floating over the garden on a beautiful spring morning, to which she waspishly replied, “they could be casing the joint, you can’t be too careful these days”.  I pointed out to her that even in the Crime Capital of the World (aka my old home town), they don’t do that; on second thoughts though maybe that’s what they use the MonteCasino balloon for.

Mother has been cooking up a storm all day today as she apparently has a very full social calendar for the next few weeks. There were more dark mutterings this morning as she failed miserably in her quest for TENNIS BISCUITS and has had to make a Peppermint Crisp Tart using LOCAL biscuits.  She has been preparing excuses all afternoon for the possible non-enjoyment of said tart at her luncheon date tomorrow. Women!!

I can see there will not be an outing today as tea has already been prepared and the excuse of “a big event at the Stadium, causing parking chaos at the Lake” has already been delivered.

Ah well sleeping in the late afternoon sunshine is not a bad alternative and has given me time to leave you with this thought for the day.

Night all….


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