Sunday 28th July

Dear Diary,

A very lazy start to the day as mother arrived home VERY late last evening or should I say rather early in the morning.  I told her that she was unacceptably late back from her social event and got a weak excuse in response. Consequently, she was not up early enough to go to the tennis club and was clearly moving towards an excuse not to go to the dog park either.  This could not be allowed, so I incited a small riot amongst my followers and we were finally piled into the wagon and off to the park.

Park was very quiet when we got there, the “real” doggie people having been there much earlier.  Yet another newbie was there in the form of Chip, the American Staffie. He was quite a nice young chap who knew his place and caused me no trouble at all.  I told Bella that she needs to stop sitting in the middle of the park looking as though she has a nasty smell under her nose, people are starting to talk about her.  I explained its all about blending in with the crowd, but no doubt my advice has fallen on deaf ears.

Mother went off to yet another social engagement at noon, only returning as darkness was falling.  However, she did arrive home bearing an invitation from Sid and Cookie for us all to attend a play date this coming Friday. These are relatives of Bella’s so it will be a family event, Sid is a bit of a nusiance being a youngster but Barney usually puts him in his place without too much effort being required.  I am told we are going to a new place so that will be exciting for those of us who cannot see, no thought as usual (sigh).

Border Security will be on shortly so will sign off now.

G’night mates…..


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