Monday 29th July

Dear Diary,

The start of another week, I like Monday’s as nothing much ever happens on a Monday morning.  There are always mutterings about “cleaning the house” but that never comes to much as my mother is pretty allergic to household cleaning and the effort it requires.  Her excuse is that with three dogs in the house it is a pointless exercise, so she usually waits until a social event is on the horizon. The day before said event she does whirling dervish impressions in a frantic effort to bring everything up to standard before the visitors arrive.  There will be a cleaning bee sometime this week as she is hosting bridge on Thursday.

I hear the subject of “Tradies” still being mentioned to all and sundry, as the latest lot have caused some displeasure, which has led to phone calls of a fairly unpleasant nature, however the threat of non-payment appears to have worked and they are to re-appear here tomorrow morning to fix whatever they did wrong! They need to learn that my mother is like a dog with a bone…….

As mother had missed her exercise yesterday we all scored a walk around the lake today instead of the customary visit to the dog park, this is a fairly boring event for the three of us as sniffing is not allowed and only one pee is tolerated.  We are out for exercise we are told not a walk in the park! Duh!!

I heard on the news that the Goldie is thinking of changing its name. Why on earth would you want to do that I thought, this is Australia not Africa.  Then I heard it all had to do with the traditional owners of the land not being respected enough. Oh dear, I thought, I like living on the Goldie I don’t want to be living somewhere with a name I can’t pronounce let alone spell!  It would seem that Australia and Africa are not so different after all!

Tea time calls, night all!


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