Wednesday 31st July

Dear Diary

I missed you yesterday due to my mother’s heavy social calendar in which we somehow became embroiled, thus taking away much of my free writing time.

Tuesday started off with a proclamation that house cleaning was about to commence, this idea was promptly shelved when, horror of horrors, a fingernail was broken amid cries of utter dismay.  The ensuing phone call to the nail lady established that said nail could not be fixed until 3pm, meaning that house cleaning was once again off the agenda!

Bella once more attracted unwanted attention at the dog park by refusing point blank to move from the entrance gate.  The reason for this was that the park was partially flooded and muddy, she said that she didn’t want to get her feet wet!  The rest of us frolicked in the water and generally had a pretty good time until someone rolled Hershey, the sausage dog, over into a pile of poo!  OMW what chaos erupted from that incident, wet wipes and hand sanitiser had to be brought from cars and poor Hershey was ignominiously scrubbed down with both in front of the whole park. Queen Bella sat through the whole thing with a smug expression, silently mouthing “I told you it was too dirty” to my mother!  Not that anyone would have dared to roll her over into a pile of poo!

Today, Dear Diary, has been an interesting day, still no chores done. I pointed out to mother that the washing has been on the line since Saturday, I dared to mention that I thought this very slack behaviour, but it fell on deaf ears I am afraid.

The morning started off with mother rushing off to something she calls “Social Tennis”, it appears to involve a group of up to four people running around hitting balls to each other.  I heard that she played with a chap called Herbie and quite forgot her manners by telling him his namesake was a chocolate labrador. She had better be careful or they will ban her from the Club!

Luncheon was taken at the Garden Centre with my friend Ben’s mum, after which she returned home in time to drag us all off to the dog park.

Bella was quite a hit in the park today and was called “sophisticated” by one of the parental units present.  I told her not to let it go to her head as he owns a “pavement special” and may not be the best judge of what sophisticated actually means. The “poo” incident was still be discussed as Hershey was forced to have two baths when he got home to remove the smell!

Well, darkness falls and it is time for tea.  Lets hope it is not like last evening when tea was not produced until past the hour of six o’ clock, a totally unacceptable situation I might add.

It will be early to bed tonight as mother has set the alarm for 5 a.m. so that she can clean and polish the areas of the house that the bridge ladies will see.

Night All, see you tomorrow….

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