Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Friday 2nd August

Dear Diary

An excellent day overall.  The play date at Musgrave Park was an overwhelming success, thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We ran and frolicked and swam in an extremely dirty lily pond.  The pond was the main attraction of the outing and even Bella forgot herself long enough to get wet up to her armpits.  She quite abandons her airs and graces when she is with the Doodle cousins.  Cookie of course has known her most of her life, and knows all her little secrets, so that Bella finds it difficult to maintain the aura of princess in front of her.  Sid is turning into a good bloke, he and Barney terrorised the small dogs together and had a really good time in the muddy pond.

The afternoon was spent watching Mother put together something called a Gerni, the air was pretty blue at one stage as she couldn’t get it to work, but sometimes persistance is her middle name and eventually all was well.  This was followed by an hour of intense activity whilst the front porch was “gernied”, it appears that years of “muck” were removed.

I noted this morning that, after last evening’s social event the possibility of us becoming “Grey Nomads” has been raised again.  It would appear that we now have a small group of like minded people keen to tour this great country of ours.  I am told that there is so much to see….thats probably true if you can actually see…sometimes the words fall out without thought!

It appears that the outing to the park was also being used as some kind of test to see whether or not I could make it as a “Grey Nomad”, it would appear that I passed with flying colours.  True, there were many compliments this morning on my running and swimming abilities, amid expressions of amazement at the fact I am visually impaired!

Peace reigns in the home as we are all knackered after the Outing and the shock of being hosed down with cold water when we arrived home.

G,nite mates, until the morrow…..


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