Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Weekend Thoughts

Saturday was a very relaxing day as Mother was out all day attending something she called a “Creative Writing Course”. I was frankly pretty amazed that she could not see that the source of all knowledge on that subject lives in the house with her.  I did make mention of that fact and was quite astonished that she did not agree with me!  She said that writing a diary did not make you a literary expert!  I was quite offended at this and retired to bed in disgust.

Sunday was a very early start, dawn had barely broken when the house was bustling with activity. Bella, protested loudly at being awoken so early and then woke the whole suburb by barking hysterically for a full five minutes at yet another passing hot air balloon.  I told her we need to write a letter of complaint to the balloon people as they obviously do not realise the impact they are having on the pet population of the Great South East.

Mother disappeared just after seven am to take part in her fitness class which was supposed to return her home by nine o clock.  Somewhere along the line she got caught up in an impromptu social event with Molly and Piper’s parents, causing her not to return until nearly lunchtime.  I was about to remonstrate with her when she quickly threw out the offer of a walk in the park later in the afternoon.  The Doodle cousins were also invited, so we were all somewhat placated with an outing to look forward to.

The promised outing was a great success, Sid and Barney savaged a couple of small chaps and were severely chastised for this.  Cookie rolled in a very muddy puddle, her excuse was that she had read somewhere that mud was good for the complexion. It was a weak excuse and she was the recipient of a considerable amount of abuse from her mother.

Although forbidden to do so, we all swam in the muddy lily pond, apart from Bella, who said she was not going to risk the hose being administered again when we returned home. Luckily, apart from dark mutterings about the car smelling like dead pond, mother did not feel the need to apply said hose and cold water on our return.

We all dozed comfortably through the evening and retired early as I am told we have a busy week ahead.  I took a quick peek at Mother’s diary and saw that indeed it will be a busy few days, I wonder where our needs will be fitted into all the upcoming social occasions?

Night, Dear Diary see you in the morn!

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