Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Monday 5th August

I could not believe the hysteria that emitted from our garden at dawn this morning.  My sister is now so adept at balloon spotting that she is yelping hysterically at them when they are still in the process of taking off some several miles away.  It appears that she has developed a sixth sense about this. My letter to the balloon company has had no effect and, as my mother somewhat waspishly observed this am, it is probably adding an attraction to what is a relatively boring ride over the suburbs to watch the “Doodle Dance” in our garden!

I forgot yesterday to mention something of interest which occurred on our afternoon visit to the Park.  Barney it would appear has a “Doppelgänger”, who lives locally. The twist of the story is that whilst an identical match to Barney, he also bears the same name.  It caused quite a lot of confusion in the Park and very nearly resulted in us taking the wrong Labrador home.  It was only due to some quick thinking on Barney’s part (he immediately became like chewing gum stuck to Mother’s side) that the impending mistake was rectified.

I hear that Kevin O Seven has announced the election with be on September 7th, my mother says that Mrs O Seven needs to get herself on a diet as she was looking quite roly poly on the steps of the aeroplane the other day.

Mother is preparing herself this evening for what she is calling “an unpleasant procedure”, this is to take place tomorrow morning. She and Bella have been huddling in corners all day discussing said procedure and all I am able to ascertain is that a considerable number of her friends have taken part in a similar event!  Women!!

We retired early , as Mother was somewhat indisposed and we have to be up earlier than the sparrows in the morning.

Night all…..

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