Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Thursday 8th August

I was accused today of writing “drivel”. I must admit to my feelings being a little hurt by this remark.  However, my mother told me that as an author I had to take the rough with the smooth.  She opened a pack of kangaroo snacks for us to share and thus saved me the trouble of chasing said marsupial.

The witches coven (aka the bridge group), convened again this morning, with Steffie, Spider and Caspar in attendance.  Spider reported that the usual embarrassing stories were exchanged. Ben it appears has been copying the cat and was caught lounging on the back of the sofa, a no no apparently if you are a canine. I believe quite a lot of shrieking went on during his chastisement.  We all feel this to be rather unfair and have thrown our support behind his campaign to rid the house of the cat!

I spent a large part of the day listening to the radio as I am fascinated by all the “election gaffs”. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Australia goes to the polls on 7th September to choose a new Government). The best “gaff” today came from an independent candidate who declared “she has nothing against Islam as a country”. Dear me, where were these people educated!

I heard the EKKA started today (officially the Royal Queensland Show), but like everything else in OZ that was too much of a mouthful for the local folks and the EKKA it became. It reminds me of the Rand Easter Show with one exception…”Show Bags”…what a wonderful invention, mystery bags full of goodies.  My personal favourite is Puppy Love and Mother is to be despatched at the weekend with strict instructions not to return home without one.

Tempers were short in the dog park today, there were several scuffles of   a pretty nasty nature.  There was so much aggro going on that Mother’s photo shoot descended into total chaos. The “Park Clique” showered praises on her control of Barney during all of this unpleasantness, making me wonder if in fact we had brought the wrong dog home on Sunday.

The weekend looms…..

Sleep calls, night all!

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