Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Weekend Thoughts

We arose early this morning to avoid Bella being out in the garden when the “red balloon” made an appearance. The promised feast from the bottom of the freezer appeared miraculously on our plates for breakfast, causing us to drool with anticipation.  Unfortunately, I was so eager to taste these normally forbidden fruits, that I gulped my portion far too quickly.  This caused me the embarrassment of depositing the contents of my stomach onto the bedroom carpet. I received a considerable amount of abuse for this from Mother, who is obviously more concerned about the welfare of her carpet than my upset tummy.

Mother spent Saturday at her Creative Writing Course, so we had a fairly laid back day, interrupted only by a paw-mail from my cousin Tiberius in Joeys.  He was unable to sleep as he has been threatened recently with what his parents are calling ‘the unkindest cut of all’.  He told me he is somewhat unclear as to what that means but feels that it may be something he wishes to avoid. It appears his behaviour has been less than immaculate recently, so he is worrying this is some kind of weird punishment about to be inflicted upon him.

I assured him that all would be well and it was in fact nothing much to worry about.  He said, he has heard his parents discussing that this ‘cut’ would improve his behaviour and therefore he thinks it will stop all his fun. I told him this was complete nonsense as I had been subjected to the ‘cut’ many years ago and it has had no effect at all.

I advised him, in the short term at least, to cut back on the stealing and the chewing, unless he is completely confident someone else can be blamed for it.

We hosted a social event on Sunday afternoon, with Mother proudly announcing, that ‘everything has come out of the freezer’.  She had found some minced beef in the bottom of the freezer that she felt was still fit for human consumption and had transformed it into a Bobotie.  It was proclaimed a great success by all the guests.

I am getting a little worried as to how long this economy drive is going to go on for as it looks as though some very strange meals could be on offer in the next few weeks.

Piper and Baby Ethel attended the social event, I am quite enjoying their company.  They both know their place and cause me no hassles.  Piper was in some trouble when she used our artificial grass as a toilet. I admit to being at fault here as I did not warn her that this is forbidden.  I did tell Mother that none of us are mind readers and perhaps she should erect a ‘keep off the grass’ sign!

I am quite exhausted by the weekend events so I will bid you good night and sweet dreams…..




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