Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Monday 12th August

Last night I dreamed of Africa…..

I dreamed of large brown fields running down to the waters of the Vaal Dam. The water sparkling and twinkling under the brightest of blue skies.  Of Rottweilers, Labradors and Boerboels running free, sniffing the fresh morning air.  It was a good place to grow up I thought.

I mentioned my dream to my sister Bella who of course has never been to Africa.  She sniffed and commented that if I missed brown fields so much she was sure that Mother could drop me off somewhere in the Outback. I said her problem was that she has no soul.  I was immediately contrite about that remark as I had forgotten her somewhat unpleasant childhood with her previous humans.  She immediately forgave me and asked if I would show her some pictures of the place I call Africa.

We had a wonderful outing to the park with Bella’s cousins Sid and Cookie.  It was very gratifying to see how excited they were on our arrival. Sid and I had an unfortunate accident coming out of the lily pond, when I barged right into him at high speed.  He is a bit of a sissy I think judging by the squeals emitting from him.

Barney and I apparently disgraced ourselves by rolling in manure after we had come out of the lily pond.  Mother told us we smelt like the rear end of a polecat.  We were both unsure how to take this remark as neither of us has any idea what sort of aroma this part of a polecat would have.  It did, however, require the application of soap and water once we reached home.

Barney caused more furore by vomiting in the car on the way home, he had consumed some of the manure. It would appear he is addicted to the stuff ever since the time when he had to have his stomach pumped for eating almost a bagful of it.  You would think that would have taught him a lesson, but it appears not to have done so.  Much shouting accompanied this event, so the journey home was somewhat unpleasant.

We dosed happily throughout the afternoon, the smell of manure wafting on occasion through the house.  It appears the soap did not do its job so well and we all have the lingering smell of the farmyard.  I personally find it quite a manly fragrance but I appear to be in the minority.

Oh well, tomorrow may be a better day…….


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