Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Wednesday 14th August

I dreamed of Africa again last night….I personally put it down to the late night snack of coconut rice that Mother very kindly brought us back from her supper date.  Although, the smell of Boerewors cooking on a braai, had been wafting over the road from our SAFFA neighbours’ house all evening and may well have been the cause.

It did however cause me to reflect on that great Aussie icon, ‘the sausage sizzle.’  Being invited to a sausage sizzle is akin to be invited for boerie rolls. The  difference you might notice is that an Australian sausage is like no other of its kind anywhere in the world. It rates zero out of ten for practically everything.  It is low on flavour, taste, consistency and colour.  The budget variety is particularly unpleasant even to those of us who lust after any type of human food!  As if this was not bad enough to add insult to injury it is served to you in a slice of dry bread. It is an integral part of any Aussie event and can usually be purchased for one dollar.

Bella, who was brought up in her early life on a diet of Big Mac and Chips, quite enjoys the sausage sizzle.  I expect they contain the same gooey stuff as a Maccas burger.  She also developed quite a taste for a morning coffee during her life as a lorry drivers Moll. Most mornings she tries to drink the dregs from Mother’s coffee mug.  She was complaining in a somewhat childish fashion this morning that the stuff simply doesn’t taste the same since we went ‘Decaffinated.’

An argument immediately started up between her and Barney on the merits of drinking your coffee sans caffeine.  It was the same as always as they never agree on anything.  If she says it’s white then he immediately says it’s black….I really don’t know what to do with the pair of them some days.  Anyhoo…they quieted down after a bit and we had a pretty good morning dozing in the unmade bed.

Mother decreed she was having ‘an admin morning’.  This meant that bills were to be paid to avoid us being cut off by the various utility companies.

I had a quick look through the papers this afternoon to see has been happening in the outside world. The big news on the Goldie today is the fight between the Koala and the Bilby to become the 2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot. ( A Bilby is a small rat like creature and not the least cuddly or attractive looking).

It looks to become a bit of a nasty fight as the Goldie is a part of the Koala Coast and Bilbys are not native to the Goldie.  As you would expect a committee has been set up to investigate the matter and there will be months of consultation with the public.

Personally I think a chocolate labrador would be a pretty good mascot, although of course I am not a native either…oh well..

Barney had an embarrassing incident with a duck at the lake this afternoon.  He completely misunderstood an instruction and instead of pursuing a frisbee chased the duck in error. Much yelling accompanied this, a small crowd gathered and a discussion took place concerning the welfare of the duck which had been grabbed around the neck.  Fortunately it was still floating upright in the lake so was pronounced ‘OK’ and we were able to leave the scene.  Barney took his punishment like a man, I am always impressed by his stoicism.

Supper calls, night all…..

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