Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Thursday 15th August

It appears our economy drive is in full swing.  We are preparing for what Mother is calling  a ‘car boot sale.’  This is to be held in approximately three weeks time and involves much clearing out of cupboards and ultimately the garage.  It is in aid of the RSPCA so I find myself to be mildly interested and have been asked to be in attendance on the day.

The garage is somewhat of a joke in our house, as it has been the scene of countless ‘clearing out’ sessions. The ‘junk’ it would appear simply enjoys living in our home and doesn’t want to leave the snug environment it has become used to.  Several rodent families have also taken up residence in quiet corners. They seem fairly certain of a long stay in the neighbourhood as they have built some quite nice dwellings.  I personally don’t have an issue with them living with us but Mother (who doesn’t really do sharing) is on an extermination mission.

The topic of the garage and the car boot sale dominated the morning activities and was discussed with both neighbours and friends. They were asked the best way to clear out the ever increasing pile of ‘rubbish’.  Many ideas were put forward but none found to have any merit. In exasperation I was finally forced to say that it was a pity we had brought all the stuff with us, as we could have solved the problem easily in South Africa by simply leaving the garage door open for a short period during the night.  Mother, who never likes to hear the truth on occasions such as this, huffed and puffed and finally went off shopping leaving the garage issue for another day.

She returned home laden with bags of cushions and ornaments. Can someone please explain to me why, when we have a house and garage choc a block with items, is the woman out purchasing more stuff?  Bella was brave enough to voice this question, and was told that a master bedroom revamp was underway, to herald the arrival of the spring weather.  I have come to the conclusion that my mother does not understand the meaning of the word ‘economy!’

The ‘turfing out’ of cupboards continued well into the afternoon. Items were being divided into three piles, ‘things that still had a possible resale value’ and ‘the bin’ or the ‘Op Shop.’  I personally find it quite obscene that one person can collect so many belongings. My personal objects consist of one coat, one brush, one food bowl and a water bowl that I am required to share with two others.  I was chatting with Bella about the inequality of it all but was told to shut up as she had not even had a coat until she came to us.  Once again I was ashamed of my insensitivity for her feelings and her previous somewhat less fortunate life.

Luckily Mother tired of the cupboard story in time to take us to the dog park at more or less the normal hour.  After the failure of our last visit we were hoping for a considerable amount of activity today.

All the usual suspects were at the park when we arrived.  Bella spent the whole time sitting whispering in a corner with her friend Mac.  They are two of the biggest sluggards in the park, they spend all their time sucking up to the humans and pulling the rest of us to pieces.

My best mate Hunter was there, we were having a good game until Barney interfered.  He and Hunter had a bit of a disagreement, which resulted in Barney spending some time in the naughty corner.  I estimate about half of the time he spends in the park is in the naughty corner. His behaviour is far from perfect most days.

Mother is off to see a performance of ‘Hair’ this evening. This will be the third night this week she has been out.  I believe another Thai meal is also on the cards.  I made no comment about our economic situation regarding food as I knew it would fall on deaf ears.  I can only hope a few succulent morsels will be brought home for our enjoyment.

More tomorrow. Night peeps……



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