Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Friday 16th August

Manure….we have been deep in it for most of the day one way and another.

Admittedly our behaviour at the park was most reprehensible.  I certainly disgraced myself from the moment I got out of the car.  I used the ‘Devil made me do it’ excuse, but that fell on very stoney ground.

The lily pond was my first indiscretion, having been instructed to avoid it I simply could not pass up the opportunity of a mud bath.  With the exception of Bella, who really is a goody two shoes, we all rushed headlong into the cooling waters of the pond.  We did not respond to the hysterical abuse from Mother and in fact attracted quite a crowd, with several others joining us in the muddy waters.

As a group we ran at high speed from the lily pond straight into the giant pile of manure.  Bella was the first to realise what we had done and immediately shouted to us to stop before we attracted yet more parental displeasure.

It was too good an opportunity to miss, the manure was soft and warm and had the most appealing odour. We frolicked with gay abandon, deaf to the entreaties from the humans to remove ourselves from the malodorous mess.

The car was pronounced to smell ‘like a barnyard’ on the way home and we were consigned to the back garden for most of the afternoon. Fortunately it is a most pleasant back yard, so we dozed happily in the warm sunlight until supper was announced.

Mother went off to an impromptu social event across the canal, leaving us to snooze through the early evening hours.

I fear my coat will never be free of the odour of manure……

Night all…


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