Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Weekend Wisdom

On Saturday we awoke to a beautiful spring morning.  The air was calm and still until it was shattered by Bella’s hysterical barking.  We all rushed into the garden to see what had upset her, only to see the ‘big red balloon’ descending at some speed towards our garden.  We were all hustled inside by mother as she hurtled up the stairs to grab her camera.  The woman never misses an opportunity to get that all important photo.

From the bedroom window we saw the balloon had risen over our garden and was making its way, quite painfully I thought, over the canal.  People were waving and shouting at us from the basket under the balloon, but Bella was making such a racket we could not hear what they were saying.  Finally, it floated over the houses on the far side of the canal.It sank to earth with a bit of a thud and quite majestically started to collapse.

Mother, who hates to miss out on any excitement had already left the house, still wearing her PJ’s I might add, to rush off and grab any pictures of the event.  When she returned I told her that she should be ashamed of her lack of concern for Bella’s fragile state of mind.

I am pleased to say that there were no balloons in evidence when we arose on Sunday and breakfast was consumed without incident.  We were looking forward to a lazy day until Mother announced that the master bedroom re-vamp was about to start.  We were quite unceremoniously turfed out of bed and ushered downstairs.

The rest of the morning passed in a flurry of activity, bedding was changed, pictures were hung and furniture was cleaned.  I have not seen Mother work so hard for quite some time, especially on a Sunday which she always says is a ‘day of rest’.  Eventually all was pronounced to be finished.  Pictures were taken and uploaded to FB so that the world could see what she had been up to.  I am told that we may all sleep in the spare room tonight so as not to dirty the newly completed room.

We had a pretty boring walk at the lake today.  It was a ‘lets get around as quickly as we can’ walk , so no sniffing or loitering was allowed.

Mother then popped off to yet another social event, which as always seemed to include food and a bottle of wine.  No leftovers were brought home which I thought was pretty shabby after the sort of day we had.

Oh well, sleep calls….

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