Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Monday 19th August

Scatterlings……’We are scatterlings of Africa, both you and I……..

(Johnny Clegg)

Mother says that is what we are. She has been reading a book about it. This book apparently tells the stories of lots of people like us who have left Africa and settled in foreign lands.

I looked up the word in my somewhat tattered dictionary and discovered that in fact it means ‘vagabond or someone of no fixed abode’.  I didn’t really think that described us and bravely made mention of that fact to her.  She said the actual definition was unimportant ‘cos she thinks ‘Scatterling’ has a nice ring to it.

She says we are a family of ‘Scatterlings’ as we are to be found on four Continents and the only winners in all of this are the airlines!

She then read me this passage from the book: ‘ I will always be South African – and proudly so.  I will never forget my roots.  I will pray for my home country, pray it rises to the great potential it has.  And I will always shout for the Bokke!’ (Eve Hemming -Scatterlings)

The words were no sooner out of her mouth when she exclaimed “Rugby!!”  She immediately swung into action to organise a social event for the upcoming rugby match in Brissie.  I do admire the woman as she can really get things done when she puts her mind to it.  Invitations were sent in a whisk of an eye.

My Springbok jersey was pulled out of the garage and pronounced too tight.  ‘You will have to diet for the next two weeks’ I was told.  She did not think it funny when I suggested that Barney might wear it instead. Rations were halved at tea, so I can see that she is serious about the slimming thing.  I wonder how she will get on when she drags her jerseys out, no doubt they will be tried on in secret and a new one purchased if a larger size if necessary!

Bella shocked us all at the dog park by running through the lily pond and straight into a fresh pile of manure.  This was obviously done so that her cousins would not think she was so stuck up after all.  Sid was the first to spot her and asked my mother ‘what’s Miss Prissy up to?’ Bella was ankle deep in manure pushing her face down into the big pile in front of her.

She was dragged squealing and kicking to the nearest cold tap and washed down by an extremely irritated Mother.  This scene managed as always to attract a small crowd.  Sid’s mother said she is going to write to the Council and ask them to install a hosepipe to help with bathing of dogs.  The crowd muttered in agreement and a small round of applause was given when Bella was pronounced clean enough to travel.

She has been sulking out by the pool all afternoon, but was quite pleased when she was told that an appointment has been made with her personal groomer for a cut and blow dry later this week.  It appears we boys are to accompany her to be bathed and shaved for the approaching summer season.  She has also been pronounced ‘too fat’ and is also to be a part of the new slimming campaign.

We have now been banned from the front room as this was subjected to a cleaning bee this afternoon.  If this goes on we will all be sharing the garage with our rodent neighbours.

Oh well, it will be a peaceful evening she is off out to tennis……

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