Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Thursday 22nd August

It appears that the timing of our ‘summer shearing’ has been somewhat misjudged.  The overnight temperatures plunged to five degrees, leaving all three of us shivering in the cold night air.  ‘Typical’ was heard to be muttered, as Mother crashed her way into the garage, looking for our thick winter woolly coats.

These had been neatly packed away somewhere after our last trip to the Holiday Home.  Needless to say she had forgotten where she had put them.  As it is pretty near impossible to find anything in our garage, I knew before she even started her quest that it was a lost cause.  I advised Bella and Barney to hop up the stairs ‘toute suite’ and get snuggled in whilst they still had a head start.

By the time Mother climbed the stairs we were all ensconced under the duvet and rebelliously refused to move.  We became immovable objects and no amount of coaxing was going to make us leave our warm bed.  In the end she gave up and wriggled in beside us.   We kindly allowed her a portion of the duvet with strict instructions not to move in the night.

Barney, who as the youngest and slimmest, has no fat to keep him warm. He spent much of the night moaning about the loss of his beautiful warm fur and punished Mother by snuggling under her pristine new pillows.  He was, however, severely chastised when he used her head as a pillow during the night.  At one point, Bella, who really does not like her sleep disturbed, told them both to ‘shut up and go to sleep’.  She received a sharp tap on her nether regions for her rudeness, but refused to vacate her position on the bed.

The afternoon passed in a flurry of cooking and cleaning.  Jamie Oliver was consulted and two pasta dishes produced, one for the carnivores and one for the vegetarians.

Personally, I have never understood this ability to live without meat as I do not enjoy any fruit or vegetables.  Barney, on the other hand has been known to fight the Possums AND the Bats for the Papaya’s on our tree.  He says his love of a vegetarian diet is why he is slim with such a glossy coat.  I cannot dispute this fact, but even he has to admit that a piece of chilli biltong is not to be sneered at.

The dog park was quiet when we arrived, Bella’s mate Mac was just on his way home, so she was deprived of her usual gossip session.  Barney as always spent half the time sitting in the naughty corner, he just can’t help himself.  We all call him the park bully.  I have warned him no good can come of it but as usual he thinks he knows best.

I hear the guests arriving. We have been dressed in our new reflective collars for the evenings’ festivities.  No doubt there will be some admiring comments. Barney and I are sporting purple which fits in quite nicely with the soft pink of Bella’s attire. Lets just hope the nosh is good!

Night mates!


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