Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Friday 23rd August

It has been a very worrying twenty four hours in the house.  Last night just as the visitors were arriving, Mother, whilst admiring my new furless state, came across a large lump on the side of my neck.  She is a bit of an expert in this field and I know it often does not end well for the pooch in question.

I suffered from anxiety the whole evening and could not even be cheered up with the offer of a tasty bowl of spaghetti.  I sloped off to bed early to dwell on my possible fate.

Bella came up to keep me company and advised me not to be concerned as she had heard Mother telling her dinner guests that she was pretty sure I had nothing to worry about.

Today passed very slowly until it was time to go and see my Uncle Kevin.  He is my personal physician and very knowledgeable about all things doggie.  My brother Hershey thought that he was an exceptionally good bloke.  He is also a SAFFA and was mates with my Uncle Jono back home.

I was poked and prodded, my vital organs were listened to and finally needles were inserted into parts of my body.  During this ordeal my Uncle Kev plied me with a continuous supply of dried kangaroo treats.

I was relieved to hear him finally pronounce that my lumps were not sinister and advised my Mother to go home and relax with strong drink! The woman needs no encouragement to do that I thought.  As I had good news to return home with I will not grudge her a glass of celebratory wine this evening.

All’s well, night mates…

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