Diary of a SAFFA Dog – My Weekend

On Saturday morning I thought we were being subject to an alien invasion.  The hysterical barking started at 5.45, much I am sure, to the disgust of those of our neighbours who enjoy a relaxing start to the day.  Three balloons passed over our garden in rapid succession. These were followed by a bright red microlite which swept, quite majestically, I thought, across the garden wall.  The pilot gave us a cheery wave, no doubt amused by the shenanigans going on underneath him.  The incident put Bella out of sorts for most of the rest of the day.

Saturday evening saw us hosting another social event.  It was the second evening this month where an invitation had been extended to ‘eat from the freezer’.  My personal opinion is that it appears to be a pretty bottomless freezer.  I am worried we shall never get to the nethermost regions of the wretched thing.

Sunday was a quiet day for us as Mother was out at yet another social event.  This started early in the morning and she did not return until it was time to go for our afternoon stroll.  It appears she is learning a new sport, something to do with boats I am told.  I told her that we were pretty unimpressed at being left the whole day.

The evening calm was shattered by what appeared to be a local firework display.  This set Bella off once again,she says that she is going to call the RSPCA tomorrow and complain about our very noisy suburb.  I told her that they would not be interested in her plight, but she is set on making a fuss about it.

We have been promised a trip to the beach tomorrow…on that note we retired for the night.

Night mates…..


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