Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Hump Day

Exciting times….

Mother was at yet another social event last evening, and a plan has been hatched to prove that supper can indeed be cooked in the dishwasher.  The topic was discussed at length with her BFF’s, all of whom I might add, were sceptical if not downright dismissive of the idea.

An invitation has been issued to a Dishwasher and Games evening next Thursday.  We are to play 30 Seconds whilst waiting for the dishwasher to cook supper.  Mother has promised not to wash the dirty dishes at the same time.

The main course is to be Dishwasher Lasagne Florentine, a recipe that Mother has found on the Internet.  We are to watch the cooking experiment on Morning TV this a.m. to gain a few tips on the overall cooking process.

Piper’s dad wondered which other household appliance could have a double use, and they all decided that the washing machine could be used to cook rice and pasta.   Piper and I have decided that they are all quite mad, but never dull!

The weather on the Goldie suddenly turned summery today, causing Mother to reflect that her decision to rid us of our winter coats had been the correct one after all.  In deference to the warm weather we are to have fresh bedding this evening. We have all been banned from the bedroom until eventide.

It has been a disappointing week at the dog park. Barney and I have both been attacked by a most unpleasant American Staffie, who also made an attempt to bite Mother as she was pulling him off my neck.  Mother delivered a swift kick to his nether regions causing him to run off and lurk in the farthest corner of the park.  His human, who obviously had no control over him whatsoever, was effusive with his apologies.  He did, however, take a certain amount of abuse for his pets’ behaviour from the dog park ‘clique’.

No sooner had this event been smoothed over that the same beast attacked our Barney.  Before we knew where we were, a full blown fight was in progress.  At least a dozen of the regulars got involved, each apparently with a personal score to settle.  The chaos that ensued was indescribable.  Fur was flying everywhere.  Fortunately, there were a couple of fearless humans in attendance.  They also ploughed in and suddenly dogs as well as fur were flying.

Barney, who at heart is a total coward, had already exited the fight and was hiding behind Bella, quite horrified at the scene unfolding in front of us.  He was whining to Mother that it wasn’t his fault.  As a family we are agreed on our dislike of this particular beast and hope that he will not be returning to the park.

There was some excitement today as our new ‘upper deck’ furniture was delivered.  It is apparently very chic and retro.  Mother says she remembers furniture like that when she was young.  I am not sure how I feel about shocking pink plastic on the patio!

Our economy drive has been suspended for the weekend as we have received a cheque from the Inland Revenue.  Mother says that this is a very unusual occurrence  and is worthy of a small celebration.

It is a public holiday on the Goldie tomorrow, we shall have a quiet evening as Mother is off across the canal for supper and no doubt a few glasses of her favourite vino.

Happy days…



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