Diary of a SAFFA Dog -Spring is Here

First week of Spring and we are finally grateful for our light summer coats.  As predicted the weather has turned quite pleasant and our late afternoon walks have been most enjoyable.

Mother was out today purchasing sausage skins to take to my brother overseas.  I considered this a somewhat odd item to take as a gift, even on her scale of oddness.  Bella sneered at me for my ignorance and explained that they were to be an integral part in the preparation of boerewors when she gets there.  She is also including Biltong and fillet steak in her luggage. (We are praying that she will not be arrested by Customs in Indonesia as she has only paid for three weeks for us at the holiday home.)

We quickly sent a paw mail to Bessie and Kenya to advise them that Mother was bringing good things with her. We said they should be on the alert for any moment of weakness with an unwatched suitcase.

Until today we were unsure that a visit to the Holiday Home was on the cards.  On the whole we like to go there as Uncle Nathan is most kind to us.  Mother thinks he needs a personality transplant, but like us, he prefers dogs to people.

We are to host a meeting of something called ‘The Gourmet Club’ on Friday night.  This has caused much surfing of the internet for recipes from somewhere called Rigidad and Lumbago.  Apparently they are somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle.  I asked Mother if there was any chance of our dinner guests disappearing in a mysterious and unexplained manner.  I was told not to be ridiculous, in a somewhat offhand manner I thought. My input into the evening is obviously not required. Barney told me not to get involved, as when the food is a failure we always do well out of it.

We enjoyed a walk around the lake in the late afternoon, with Barney’s BFF Molly.  As usual the two of them tried to terrorise every dog we met.  They work as a pair, forming a pincer movement. This alarms both our canine friends and their humans. They like to think of themselves as  a really macho pair.  Barney, who as we know, is really a complete coward ,likes to be associated with such a tough girl as Moll.  She likes to have her silly admirer who will always do her bidding. He says that she always has his back, so it is worth sucking up to her now and again.  Sometimes he is seriously insightful into the female mind!

Sleep beckons…..Night mates – until the next time!



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