Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Wednesday

Disaster has struck!  The solar energy system has stopped working much to Mother’s disgust.  She says for all that money you expect to get more than 6 months out of it.  It appears that our installer has gone walkabout and is nowhere to be found.

So started a morning of fruitless calls, until eventually a number for the manufacturer was discovered.  I assumed, from the bits of conversation I could hear, that the Call Centre was based in some country where English was not the language of choice.

I could see Mother was close to hanging up when she had to spell her name for the third time.  However, she persevered and was finally put through to somewhere on the Australian mainland where at least they appeared to understand her English.

A replacement unit has been promised but will not be here for several weeks.  This has prompted additions to our already long list of economies that we are now practicing.  Bathing is to be restricted and day time TV has been banned.  I was pleased to see that Mother is also to be affected by the most recent economy.  I suggested an egg timer to be placed in the shower but as usual my ideas are ignored.

There has been a flurry of activity going on for most of the afternoon.  I was quite staggered when the ironing board was produced and our clean bedding pressed.  The woman is upping her game all of a sudden. My instinct tells me it will not last.

There was a most unfortunate incident at the dog park.  Poor Barney is quite lucky to have survived the situation without serious injury.  He was, as usual, harrassing the younger puppies, when a very large Bull Mastiff called Stella attacked him.

Barney, as we all know is a loud mouth and not much else. However,he rallied,  throwing himself into the fight with all his strength.  He was no match for Stella, who despite being a girl, obviously likes a good fight.

Mother, who is always most protective of us, ploughed into the fracas and pulled Barney clear.  She received a nip from Stella in the process.  Barney was quite shaken and spent the rest of our outing sitting quietly next to Mother.He says he now hates the dog park and is not going back any time soon.  How often, Dear Diary, have I warned him this day would come!

It will be a quiet evening, Mother is going out to tennis and Barney has retired to bed saying he is suffering post traumatic stress!

Night mates……

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