Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Friday

Barney has still not recovered from the incident in the dog park.  He has been quite traumatised by the whole event and is still saying he will not return there ever!  I am not surprised by his reaction these Aussie blokes are not as tough as us lads from Africa!

Mother thinks that he has learned his lesson and will be careful whom he associates with in the future.  I told her I thought that unlikely as he has the attention span of a backward Gerbil.  We have avoided the dog park since and has some quite peaceful sunset walks around the lake instead.

Bridge was at Ben’s house this week.  He phoned to tell me that poor Casper would have been quite embarrassed had he heard the story of his antics that his mother was sharing with ‘the coven’.  I will not tell the story here as he will never be able to hold his head up in public again!

Mother is in quite a funk at the moment trying to get things organised for her upcoming trip and all the social events she has to attend before getting on the aeroplane.

The fridge has been emptied all of the mysterious things lurking in its deepest corners. We have filled black bags full of furry food and mouldy veggies.

She is a very poor housekeeper on the whole.  All I can say in her favour is that she never forgets a meal and our grub is always tasty.  My brothers tell me that when they were growing up ‘best by’ dates were always ignored in our house.

Friday has passed in a whirl of activity. We were banished outside to avoid dog hairs being attracted to the food that is being prepared for the Gourmet evening.  I did mention to Mother, that since our visit to the parlour we are somewhat deficient in fur, but no notice was taken of my remark.

The air is full of the smell of polish mixed with a beautiful aroma that appears to be coming from a large pot on the stove.  I noted that the meal has been prepared using fresh ingredients.  We are not eating from the bottom of the freezer tonight, much, I would imagine, to the delight of the invited guests.

To Barney’s disgust, we returned to the dog park this afternoon.  He was still insisting that he would never return there, when Mother said ‘its that or nothing’.  With much reluctance he got into the car still muttering about people not caring about his feelings!

Luckily the dog park was full of all our nice friends.  It was Hershey’s first birthday and his mom had baked cup cakes for us all.  They were extremely nice and we were all very appreciative of her efforts.  Hershey himself was an embarrassment, as he was dressed in what could only be described as a ballerina outfit, with a black and red tulle skirt.  As it was his birthday we all told him he looked great in it.  I hope he has grown out of it by next year.

We are all looking forward to a relaxing evening listening to the adult chat from the dinner table.

Cheers buddies…..


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