Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Monday

The week has started rather well I think. We have had a most relaxing day in the sunshine topped off with a sunset stroll around the lake. We finished the evening with a sundowner on the new deck as we watched the giant bats fly overhead. I often wonder where they are off to in such haste.

There was a tiny hiccup during the afternoon. We broke one of Mother’s new plant pots. Fortunately she was not at home at the time and Piper’s dad very kindly hid all the evidence of our misdemeanour. I expect she will notice eventually, but hopefully she will think she bought five instead of six.

Piper has been put on a diet as her mom had to let a few notches out of her walking harness today. I told her that stealing Ethel’s food could only end in disaster but as usual no one listens to my advice. According to Bella, she IS a little on the tubby side for one so young.

A Doodle Dog called Steffie came to have her photograph taken today. She was rather snooty we thought. She looked, in a very haughty way at Bella, whom, as we all know considers herself to be quite the princess.

Bella, who says she knows these things, said as Doodle Dogs go Steffie was of quite a different pedigree. Barney and I took this to mean that Bella considered herself superior in every way but as Steffie was a client we all kept quiet.

Mother has swung into ‘holiday mode’ and has decided that exercise and diet shall be shelved until her return from ‘The Motherland”. She was supposed to go to tennis tonight, but opted for sundowners instead. She will not be popular at the Tennis Club but there is no arguing with her.

Bella has got a new fan club. Our neighbours next door, who own three pugs, think that she is gorgeous. This has given her such a big head. I ask myself, what is so attractive about her. The ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ about her beauty are quite distracting sometimes.

We were all quite freaked out today, Mother, who was trolling through a lot of old photographs, came upon a picture of one of my brothers called Rolo. His resemblance to Barney was somewhat frightening, especially considering that continents separated them.

I am retiring early this evening..g’nite mates!

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