Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Wednesday

The day has finally arrived and we are off to the Holiday Home. We awaited with great anticipation the arrival of Uncle Nathan. Prompt as ever he arrived to pick us up, our excitement was palpable. He was as pleased to see us as we him. He is very kind to us and gives us all sorts of tasty treats. He was quite complimentary about our new sleek coats and expressed amazement at how much weight Bella has shed. She told him that was because food has been in short supply these last few weeks and hoped the grub would be better at the Holiday Home.

We happily piled into the van for the journey up the motorway. Mother waved us off and we all wished each other a happy holiday. We sent our love and best wishes to all the relatives and bade her safe travels. She will be sending us postcards on a regular basis so that we will know what she has been up to. I must say she is very good about keeping in touch when she is away.

We received a paw mail this afternoon after we had settled in. Mother says the house is extremely quiet without us. She says she is enjoying the quiet after our behaviour last evening. I told her that was because we had been deprived of our usual late afternoon stroll and what else could she expect. We were merely making her aware of our displeasure at the disruption of our normal routine.

She has spent the morning on a fruitless search in the supermarkets of the Goldie looking for brown onion soup to take to my brother overseas. They are short of that in Indonesia apparently. In the end she purchased oxtail, remarking that it was much the same thing. Piper’s mom expressed some doubt about this but her advice was ignored.

It has been a very warm day here today and once again we are quite grateful for our furless bodies. We have had a bit of a splash in the pond this afternoon, together with our fellow lodgers, a pair of golden retrievers called Bill and Ben. We are particularly fond of them. Their parent travels almost as much as Mother, so we are often at the Holiday Home together. We have all become good friends and have had some excellent fun together.

Supper calls and Uncle Nathan demands promptness at meal times. He is quite unforgiving of tardiness.

Night all, the postcards should start arriving by Friday.

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