Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Friday

We received our first communication from Mother today, telling us that she had arrived at our brother’s house in Jakarta. She was able to inform us that she had had a very pleasant flight and a leisurely stroll around the Duty Free in Singapore. I despair sometimes that she is unable to let a day pass without a shopping expedition.

Bessie and Kenya were very pleased with the gift that we had sent to them. They have always been a little partial to Scooby Snacks. I believe there is some discussion going on about a new addition to the family. Mother says that it has not been put to ‘the girls’ yet to see how they feel about a new sister. I expect the decision will be taken without further consultation at a grass roots level.

We have settled in well at the Holiday Home and can report that the daily meal menu is to our satisfaction. They specialise in home cooked grub here, which as you know we are not at all used to. I have asked Uncle Nathan if he will give Mother a few catering tips when he takes us home. He has promised to do so, but I suspect will lose his nerve at the last minute. We all know that ‘she who must be obeyed’ does not take well to criticism.

The Holiday Home is quite busy at the moment and we have made friends with a couple of pugs that we have not met before. They love a bit of a laugh and a giggle and are not averse to the odd bit of mischief. Barney has adopted one of them as his new BFF. I can see trouble brewing before the week is out as Uncle Nathan does not like cheek and disruption at the homestead.

Bella is doing her usual princess impressions. She is the darling of the moment to all the humans, she really sucks up to them big time. She is not popular with the other guests as she is quite particular whom she chats with. She is averse to any sort of healthy activity and simply refuses to join in any of the games. She says we are a juvenile and quite unsophisticated lot. We all think she is a bit of a snitch as she sits whispering to Uncle Nathan in the evening about the events of the day.

We are about to be tucked up for the night, hopefully there will be more news from Mother tomorrow.

Goodnight all….

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