Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Post Card from Indonesia

By all accounts Mother is enjoying herself in Indonesia. We received a post card today telling us of her adventures.

She has been experimenting with a wide range of food types and is especially enjoying the various versions of Asian soups available. My immediate thought was to remind her that in the past her experimentation with new food groups whilst abroad has not ended well. She does, however, appear to be on a mission to re-establish her ability to eat anything, anywhere. No doubt we will hear about the advisability of this action in later communications.

Today the Bokke are playing in New Zealand, Mother no doubt is ensconced in a pub somewhere in Jakarta watching the game. I hear you asking, ‘how do I know that?’. Well, all I can say is that she NEVER misses a match and always has the jersey packed in her luggage. She must know every sports bar in the Universe and has watched the Bokke in many of them!

I do admit that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with her but she does add a lot of interest to what could otherwise be a somewhat dull existence.

A visit was apparently made to the animal shelter where the new sister or brother may come from. A meeting has been organised for Tuesday to see if the prospective new family members will come up to scratch or not. Kenya says it is more to see whether she and Bessie are the sort to be allowed to adopt the newbies. They are plotting to make sure that they are seen to be totally unacceptable and Bessie has been honing her fighting skills.

The newbies have arrived earlier than expected, the girls are not best pleased it would appear. They had been prepared for someone called Buzz to appear, but he was accompanied by a friend called Neo. Now they have two to deal with and are feeling a little overwhelmed by events. They are however now on their best behaviour as they are feeling a little guilty that they have had such an easy life compared to Buzz and Neo.

They are a couple of small thin chaps, who both look as though they could do with a good feed. Mother has apparently been coaxing them to eat with all manner of tasty snacks and finally a little raw fillet of beef was found to be acceptable to them. We have all been wondering if the food is good on the streets of Jakarta for them to be such fussy eaters!

Mother has apparently been shopping up a storm, buying all manner of elegant items to adorn our home. Bella says as long as she doesn’t bring any new family members home with her she can shop as much as she likes.

She is off to Johannesburg shortly so no doubt our next postcard will be from there. We wish her a safe journey and look forward to hearing news of our Joburg cousins.

Night all….

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