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My second visit to Jakarta saw me visiting the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). It is a not – for – profit organisation based in a suburb of Jakarta.

They are dedicated to improving the lives of all animals in Indonesia. There are no rules in Indonesia governing the rights of animals. In other words no protection for any species be they wild or domesticated.

In 2009 the Society was made aware of the poor treatment of dolphins in travelling dolphin shows and finally in 2013 the last of these was shut down. Whilst travelling dolphin shows are now illegal in Indonesia it is unclear if any of the dolphins has been rehabilitated to the wild.

As well as looking after the welfare of wild animals JAAN looks after both cats and dogs that are found on the streets. Many of these animals have been badly treated, some have had horrific injuries inflicted upon them.

These animals are cared for and once they are well and socialised the search starts for their ‘forever home’.

Two of the little dogs found their forever home this week with my family in Jakarta. They are small and a little bit nervous but are settling in well. I have no doubt they have a long and happy life ahead.

They are the lucky ones! Please go to the website and check out the work that these guys do. They survive entirely on donations and volunteer help.

The website is:

Buzz2 NEO Zuki BUZZThese are some of the beautiful puppies that have been rehabilitated, Buzz and Neo pictured above have found their forever homes!



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