Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Postcard from Indonesia 2

We had not expected to hear again so soon but there has been high drama in Jakarta as one of the new family members is very sick.  He has been moved to hospital and placed on a drip.  We are all wishing him a speedy recovery.  Bessie in the meantime has quite forgotten her plan to get the newbies removed at the first possible opportunity.  She now feels sorry for them and has decided to try and be a little more considerate of them now that she has heard the stories of their former lives.

Mother has been most impressed by the quality of the medical attention that Buzz has received.  She says that she is horrified how she is being ripped off in OZ  on many items.  She has purchased Bella’s ear medications for a tenth of the cost that we pay here.  So there will be no moaning about the cost of our upkeep for a while as we are now being up kept Jakarta style!

Yesterday  afternoon was apparently spent trawling the shops for bargains.  Handbags and the like were purchased at a much reduced cost to ‘you know where’.  Unfortunately, Mother found that her big western feet were not at all suitable for the shoe sizes available! Many moans about not being able to buy clothes in Asia.  I muttered under my breath that perhaps if she had paid more attention to her weight loss programme before embarking on her trip she may not have had the problem.  I do grant you the size of her feet cannot be helped.

Mother enquired as to our wellbeing, I told her that we are enjoying our time here.  Barney has thrown himself into all the activities that are on offer. He is especially fond of the frisbie game that all the youngsters are encouraged to take part in.  He likes to show off his fitness and catching skills.

Bella, on the other hand,  is spending all her time eating and drinking.  I cautioned her that she was in danger of returning home more barrel shaped than ever.  She says holidays are for relaxing and she will soon lose the extra pounds, as there will no doubt be a new economy drive in place on our return.

Bags are apparently packed for the onward journey to Joeys via Singapore.  It will be late at night when Mother arrives there, so I am hoping that she will show a little more restraint at the retail outlets.  There is, however, one more day to go in Jakarta, so goodness knows what else will have been purchased before she boards the aircraft.

More news will apparently arrive once she is safely installed with my brother in Joeys.

Night all…..



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