Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Postcard from Jozi

We heard today that Mother has arrived safely in Jozi and has settled in with the family.  Tiberius was particularly glad to see his grandmama, but rather embarrassingly wet himself during the welcoming process.  His sister Nikita laughed at him for this and said he should learn more self control.  I felt rather sorry for him as he is after all just a very small chap.

All the Jozi cousins appreciated the small gifts that we had sent them and complimented us on the choices we had made.  Bear and Tiberius have particularly enjoyed the ‘squeaky rope Kong thing’ saying it is one of the best toys ever.

Mother says that Jozi has not changed since her last visit.  As it was only four months ago she was there, we were not very surprised to hear that.  It appears that everyone is well and there is no news of note to pass on.

She is spending the time catching up with family and friends all accompanied I feel by copious quantities of alcohol.  She has apparently remembered to pack her drinking boots for the trip.

I have to admit that my boy cousins in Joburg are the coolest of cool dogs.  They are quite young and full of fun.  I am sorry that we don’t live closer so that we could visit on weekends.    They are both like Barney in nature and would certainly have your back in any fracas at the dog park.  They do of course think they are quite superior beings as all Rottweilers appear to do, but they are friendly souls and like nothing better than a bit of rough and tumble in the garden.

We heard that cousin Buzz is back home from hospital.  He is still quite weak but we are all sure that he will be fine now that he has found his Forever Home.

The letter contained… a long saga about our solar panels at home. They have not be installed correctly apparently.  This led into a long diatribe about the inefficiency of ‘Tradies’ . I thought that we had finished with that particular topic of conversation but it would appear not!  We are to be harassed with it even on holiday, there is no escape!

Mother enquired after our health and I was happy to be able to report that all is well at the Holiday Home.  We are being indulged by Uncle Nathan and have been sleeping on the furniture on his veranda.  The food is good and plentiful.  Peace and Harmony reigns!

A further letter has been promised in a few days time…….

Images of downtown Joburg

Images of downtown Joburg


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