Diary of a SAFFA Dog- Heritage Weekend

We received a long letter from Mother today, she has abandoned her customary brief postcards and decided to keep us fully updated about family events in Jozi.

It has been a long weekend over there and apparently there has been much fun and jollity.  She says her drinking boots are full and there are still two weeks of the holiday left!  This seems to be yet another skill she has lost since leaving Jozi.

The family group appears to have assembled on a daily basis, but  to add variety has chosen a different venue each time.  Our cousins appear to have been involved in some of these events.

Tiberius disgraced himself by trying to help himself to the breakfast buffet at the dog park restaurant.  It appears that he didn’t understand the bacon and sausage was only for the humans and incorrectly assumed that he could help himself.  He said that the smell of sizzling wors was just too much for him.

I do wonder at the advisability of a breakfast buffet at the dog park.  However, it does seem to be quite a superior park to those that we have here on the Goldie.

The group attended a quiz night in aid of Animal Welfare last evening.  They are pretty useless it would appear at general knowledge, but a jolly evening was had by all.  There was some fighting with the Quizmaster as they disagreed with his answers and they were consigned to the naughty corner for a large part of the evening.

Raucous comments were uttered, much to the disapproval of the other contestants.  The evening was pronounced a success and a large amount of money raised to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Heritage Day was celebrated with a braai and yet more alcohol.  The cousins were quite annoyed, as they were removed from the proceedings for much of the day.  Nikita was in disgrace for snapping at a small child which had pulled on one of her ears.

She was quite disgruntled to be locked away in the bedroom, saying it seemed quite unfair as it was her home after all.  I told her that she has to realise the social unacceptability of not welcoming small humans into the home.  She says she is fed up of making allowances for these children who consistently pull her ears and her tail.  I warned her that this is an argument she will not win.

Mother is on a ‘shop till she drops’ campaign for the next two days. She says she will write again before the end of the week.  I am wondering how our economy drive is doing with all the shopping that is going on.  I am a little worried she will not be able to pay our bill at the holiday home when she returns.

Ah well…thats for another day!


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