Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Home at Last

We are finally home…Mother has been most remiss with her communications.  We heard nothing from her for more than 10 days, which frankly was a most unacceptable situation.  Her excuse was that Internet access is poor in darkest Africa.  I thought it a somewhat weak reason in this day of smart phones and the like.  We are however pleased to be home again and have been showered with gifts so we are somewhat appeased.

We have been regailed with stories about her African adventures.  She has been doing some quite adventurous things, in my opinion, a little too exciting for a person of her years.  I asked her if it was quite sensible to be engaging in these sorts of activities, but as usual was told to mind my own business.

I tried to remind her that she has responsibities on the home front and who would look after us if she did not return home.  I was told not to worry my little furry head about that.  I admit to being somewhat insulted by her reply but as usual she means well.

We have spent a lot of time relaxing in the few days that we have been home.  We have watched endless episodes of Eastenders that have been recorded in our absence.  We have all enjoyed the easygoing holiday atmosphere, but I am informed that is coming to an end today.  A strict economy drive will be enforced as of tomorrow, together with a ‘detoxification process’.  I am not sure if we are going to be detoxified as well, but we are usually affected by her various schemes.

I am told that alcohol is ‘verboten’ for the detoxification process which will run for several weeks.  Bella doubts that Mother will be able to pull it off, but I think she is miffed because she is on the top of Mother’s weight loss list, having returned from the holdiay home several kilos heavier.

We had our first trip to the park yesterday with the Doodle cousins.  Sid totally embarrassed himself by constantly bothering Bella in a most unseemly manner.  She was spitting at him to stop this unsociable behaviour when his mother delivered a swift cuff to his head making him slink off in disgrace.

He was made to apologise to her, however, she was not disposed to accept and expressed her disappointment with Sid that he should stoop to such unsavoury behaviour.  Personally I thought it was an over reaction on her part, but as always my opinion carries no weight.

Once again we were in disgrace for plunging en masse into the dirty lily pond.  Sid asked why we were brought to the park if it is such a problem getting wet and dirty.  I agree with his sentiments and have suggested the beach as a new venue as the weather is now more suitable.  This met with a cautious amount of enthusiasm so we will see what next week brings!

Night mates, until tomorrow.

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