Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Weekend Woes

We are hardly home and the drama has started.  Baby Ethel almost drowned in the pool on Friday evening.  Mother was hosting a pizza evening with Piper and Baby Ethel amongst the invited guests.

We were all relaxing in the candlelight on the patio when Mother heard splashing sounds.  As dusk was falling, it was not immediately obvious where the sound was coming from.  Suddenly, Piper’s dad jumped up and rushed into the garden, returning seconds later with a small black dripping object.

Ethel coughed and spluttered all over the assembled throng, but she was forgiven for her poor manners  due to her near death experience.  Piper, who had witnessed the whole incident , was in some trouble for not alerting the humans to her sister’s predicament.

I heard her telling Bella that she didn’t know Ethel was about to drown. Piper said as it was a warm night she looked as though she was taking a swim.  We were all a little sceptical at this, but as Baby Ethel was unharmed we put the incident behind us.

Saturday evening saw the family group dining at a Korean BBQ Restaurant.  I expressed some concern at this as my understanding of Koreans is that they like to chow on us canines.  Mother told me not to be silly and that it would simply not be allowed here in the great land of OZ.  She admitted on her return, however, that on her way to the loo she had taken a sneaky look into their freezer to ensure that none of my relatives were lurking in there.

It appears that ‘vegetarian’ is not a word that is much understood in Korea, as Piper’s mom found out when her bowl of mysterious black noodles arrived.  The dish became even more bizarre as it was accompanied by a set of kitchen scissors to be used to cut up the cold noodles.

The strangeness of this dish once more raised the possibility of BBQ’d dog being served.  Mother, however, insisted that you could not BBQ a dog. She believes that we are too tough and would need to be served in a casserole.    Personally, I do not find her observations as amusing as she does!

Sunday saw Mother off to yet another social event, this time hosted by Molly’s parents.  She spent the evening catching up on all the news and heard of the near catastrophe on the canal.  It appears that Molly’s mom nearly drowned half the family with a small but severe boating error.

There appears to have been little other news of note since we have been away.  Bella overheard Mother booking us back into the Holiday Home for the coming week.  I ask you does The Woman never get tired of all this gallivanting.

She is apparently going across the pond to the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud” to learn to take blurry pictures. I wonder how these will differ from the normal blurry pictures that are part of her portfolio.

Sleep beckons, I wonder what disasters await us on the morrow…

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