Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Hump Day

What a week it has been, drama, drama, drama.  I would give my best collar to have a quiet week.

Sunday did not produce the promised outing, so we were very pleased when Mother announced that we were meeting the Doodle cousins at the park on Monday morning. Excitement was at it peak as we arrived, we exploded through the gates running and jumping, glad to be free and revelling in the beauty of the morning.

Our enjoyment was shattered with a most unpleasant incident, triggered I must admit by Barney.  He offered his usual ebulliant greeting to a small rather meek creature. Instead of the usual warm greeting he has come to expect, he received a considerable amount of abuse for his actions.  This was followed by a most unpleasant kick to his nether regions.

Mother was extremely upset at this turn of events and before we knew where we were a war of words ensued.  Barney was accused of being a ‘vicious mongrel’.  Even I have to agree that this is far from the truth!  Mother , however, soon tired of the exchange and stalked off with Barney in tow.

All of this was too much for Sid’s mom, who leapt to Barney’s defence and began to verbally abuse the old man.  It looked as though fisticuffs could be employed but thankfully this was avoided at the last minute.

We were all shaken by the incident but soon forgot it in the excitement of meeting a new friend and the resulting romp through the lily pond.  We returned home wet, smelly and happy.

That afternoon we were bundled back into the car for a visit to Uncle Kevin.  It was time for our annual vaccinations and check up.  We were all pronounced fit and well and several injections were administered into our backsides.  Each injection was accompanied by a tasty treat and expressions of admiration at our stoicism.

We heard from cousin Tiberius today, apparently he has been in considerable trouble for chewing some of the bed linen.  He says he cannot understand how sometimes it is ok to chew household items and at other times it is not.  I reminded him of the intransigence of humans and told him to mind his manners in future.

Barney is to become a ‘dock dog’ at the weekend.  His training is to commence on Friday afternoon in the garden pool.  Sid’s mom will be here to put him through his paces.  Bella wondered why she was not the ‘chosen one’ for this new activity and was told in no uncertain terms that you had to be young and fit and she did not fall into this category.  She sulked the rest of the day and is still not speaking to Mother.

Sleep calls, I hope the rest of the week will be more restful….




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