Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Dog Days

We have been most worried in the last few days about the fires burning in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.  I hasten to add that we are not about to be gobbled up by the fires, but we have  friends whose house has been burnt to the ground and other friends who are unable to stay at home because of all the smoke.

Mother says that it is the price you sometimes have to pay for living in these normally idyllic areas.  I wondered if she would be quite so glib about it if we didn’t live between a river and a canal.

Along with many other Aussies we have donated to yet another disaster relief fund. Bella told me that she had seen on TV that we are expecting four or five cyclones to hit our coastline this year and suggested the construction of an emergency shelter.

I scoffed and told her Mother has a plan to make for the hills if disaster strikes and we are about to be inundated.  It has, however, made us all a little worried about being home alone!  Bella is a bit of a wreck and has taken to sneakily drinking the dregs of the coffee mugs once again.  She will be in trouble if she is found out.

We had a paw mail from cousin Tiberius on Friday, telling us his latest woes.  It appears that he inadvertently chewed a large hole in the lounge suite and had his backside tanned quite severerly when his mother returned home.  He sent us a picture of the damage asking if we thought he had deserved the whipping.

Unfortunately, he had not stopped with the couch, but had destroyed a condiment set that had been a wedding present.  I explained to him where he had gone wrong with the entire incident and advised him to refrain from chewing things that did not belong to him in future.  He is young and of course will not listen.

We have had a busy few days, the weekend as always has been filled with social events and outings.  We are off to the Holiday Home again on Tuesday and Mother has been especially kind and thoughtful towards us.  We have been treated to some good nosh and are even getting clean bedding this evening.  We are particularly partial to freshly laundered linen.

Barney unfortunately spoiled the weekend by murdering one of the ‘family duck’ that has taken up residence in our pool.  Mother was quick to say that ducks are rotten mothers and don’t know how to look after their chicks.  I felt, however, that 35kgs of labrador landing on one of your brood and drowning it was perhaps a little out of the duck mothers control.

We had a small service in the garden to farewell our feathered friend.  Personally, I think the ducks should stick to the canal and leave our pool alone!

We are being summoned for an outing…adieu..

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