Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Hump Day Again

Uncle Nathan arrived as promised to transport us to the Holiday Home.  He is very fond of us as a group and, I have to admit, we have formed quite a close relationship with him.  He has pet names for us all and we are very appreciative of his care and attention.  He even gets up at 5 a.m. as Barney has made it clear to him that we are used to dining very early in the day.  I told him that Barney does not dine that early at home, but he will not listen.

Mother has gone across ‘The Pond’ on a jaunt with Piper’s mom.  They are taking part in a photographic course on some island off the coast of Auckland.  It seems a long way to go to learn how to take out of focus pictures.  Mother insists it is a course on ‘Fine Art Photography’. Personally I feel it is just an excuse to go abroad again for yet another holiday.  It is becoming quite difficult to pin the woman down in Australia for more than six weeks at a time.

She has promised that this time she will send postcards on a much more regular basis than on her last trip, when, quite frankly we were abandoned with little news for two weeks.  She had a most weak excuse at the time and I have told her that poor internet connections is not an excuse we will tolerate this time.

There was much moaning going on today,  she had to arise at 3 a.m in order to catch the very early flight from the Goldie.  As we all know she is not a morning person and considers anything before 6 am to be the middle of the night.

We heard from Piper that they are both safe in Auckland and have already been out and about eating and drinking.  They have described their hotel room as ‘cosy but clean’.  I deduce that the room has not come up to expectations but will suffice in the short term.

There were some hiccups on the journey, mostly with border security.  The pair of them were checked for explosives and drugs and Mother almost had to remove her underwear as it was setting off the metal detectors.  She was thoroughly scanned and checked and finally allowed into the departure lounge.  As you might expect she was not at all amused by these proceedings.

They are having  a casual day tomorrow, followed by a slap up dinner and an evening of night photography.  It appears that taking a photograph of the Auckland Sky Tower has become a matter of great urgency.  I wonder sometimes if they are suffering from a mild degree of insanity.

We are expecting a postcard tomorrow, lets hope we are not disappointed….


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