Diary of a SAFFA Dog-Post Card from Waiheke

We finally received a post card from Mother today.  She apologized profusely for not communicating with us earlier but as usual her internet connection was somewhat faulty.

She had remonstrated with the manager of the small rural hotel in which she has been staying about the inefficiency of his technology, without success.  It appears that his visitors are more interested in the scenery than the internet!

Both her and Piper’s mom are having a great time and are becoming quite expert in the area of blurry pictures, or as Mother now refers to it ‘Impressionist Photography’.

I can see that this is to become another one of her obsessions and the three of us will be subject to countless photo shoots in which we will be hardly recognisable.

She told Bella that this could be the start of a money making business. This type of photography apparently suits her poor and somewhat failing vision.  I am wondering if  others will share her view and be astounded by her new skills.

From what I am understanding, the pictures improve in inverse proportion to the amount of red plonk that is consumed!

Mother enquired after our wellbeing and I was able to report that we are being looked after in the usual manner.  The grub is good and we have made a couple of new chums.

We are well respected here as we are regulars and able to fill the newbies in as to the routine and the character of our hosts.  Our advice is often sought after and Bella is considered to be the ‘grande dame’ of the establishment.

No one dares to argue with her as she is such a snitch and quick to run with tales to Uncle Nathan if you upset her.  Barney and I consider ourselves lucky to be related to her as she knows dobbing us in can only lead to grief when Mother returns.

Mother has promised to write again before she leaves for home and sent us her very best wishes for an enjoyable few days before we return home.

We eagerly await her next missive….

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