Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Summer Mornings

Summer, it appears, has arrived on the Golide and we are undertaking a project to upgrade the garden.  Mother has decreed once again that ‘Tradies’ are now a luxury we can no longer afford.  She has been out and purchased a lawn mower and an edge trimmer and is now to be her own garden service.

A very nice man at Bunnings gave her a lesson in ‘Lawn Cutting 101’ and she feels quietly confident that our grass will remain in a tidy condition at all times.  Her next purchase is to be a hedge trimmer, but I feel she may need a short course before being allowed to use this type of equipment.

Our daily exercise has become quite confusing, it appears that one day we are running to get our tickers working better and the next we are walking miles to build our stamina.  Barney feels that Bella and I have become as he calls us disparagingly ‘moaning minnies’. He says we should be grateful that we have an exercise regime as it will undoubtedly extend our life span.

Our walk this morning, as ever, was not without incident.  We were approaching the last stretch of our six kilometre endurance trek, when Mother was knocked to the ground by a slip of a girl running behind us with two American Staffies.  The culprit sprinted past us with her hounds without even a backward glance.

Mother, who by this stage, was in a rather unflattering heap on the ground, hurled abuse at the fast disappearing group. We were in a tattered array of leads and paws when a fast moving bicycle almost landed amongst us.  Barney took an instant dislike to the cyclist who was trying his best to untangle his front wheel from his lead.

The cyclist was apologising profusely all the while protesting that he had not seen us until the very last minute.  He was told that perhaps he should invest in a pair of glasses by Mother who, by this stage, was spluttering with fury.

My sightless state was thrown into the conversation, no doubt in an attempt to invoke some sympathy from the poor man. Eventually we continued unhindered to complete our outing with many good wishes for our continued good health.

The Doodle cousins have been with us for much of the week so far, as their mother is an integral part of the garden project.  We have enjoyed their company, finding them on the whole to be model guests.

Sidney has made himself most at home and has taken to dozing on Mother’s bed.  Only in this house, I told him, would he be able to get away with such an indiscretion. I mentioned to him that most householders do not approve of visitors taking the liberty of sleeping in their beds.

Like Barney, he is young and foolish and no doubt will take no notice of my advice.  Thankfully though he has listened to my warnings about annoying Bella and we have had the most peaceful of visits.

Bella is to have her ears waxed and her eyes trimmed this morning, she is most anxious about the former activity as she thinks it will be an unpleasant experience.  Cookie apparently told her that it brings tears to your eyes and Sid added that he thought his brains were being removed from his head by the event.

Ah well, moving forwards…tomorrow is another day!



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