Diary of a SAFFA Dog – OMG

We have been banned from the park!  It is official, the letter arrived this morning.  We are not to return due to the chaos we caused last week.  Mother scoffed and said how could they possibly know if we are there or not.

No photos were taken at the time of the incident, surely our descriptions will not be hanging on the park gates?  I feel we should stay away for a while in case we are spotted by someone who knows us. There is always a chance of being dobbed in to the authorities. We will have to find a new venue for our off leash outings.

Mother told us that we are to be the recipients of a ‘weather supercell’, on the Goldie in a short while.  We could see it approaching when we were out for our amble around the lake.  Bella is already worrying about it.  She does not like loud noises at the best of times and becomes totally freaked out during a storm.

At each clap of thunder she runs barking hysterically around the house.  Personally, I do not know why she works herself up into such a lather, there is nothing that she can do about it.  Mother spends the time shouting at her to shut up, frankly I do not know which one of them is the worst!

We are entertaining this evening again. It has been an exceptionally busy social weekend. The ‘witches coven’ is meeting for a roast pork dinner.  The smells emanating from the oven are making us all dribble and drool with anticipation.  I am sure a small snack will be made available to us eventually.

Our menu of late has been quite uninviting, I have complained about the standard of the grub and Mother has promised that she will up her game in this area.  As yet there has been no improvement and most of our meals come out of a can .  I wonder how she would fare if she was made to eat our meals for a week.

We fell into bed the minute the dinner guests had departed, as another ‘supercell storm’ is hanging around.  I feel the chances of sleep to be slim if the storm passes over us.  I begged Mother to sedate Bella with a doggy Valium but it appears we are a little short in that area at present.  I am hoping that Bella will lose her voice in the very near future and let us doze in peace.

Until tomorrow……





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