Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Oops!

Sunday evening passed without incident, the predicted ‘weather supercell’ petered out before it reached the Goldie.  As usual the Weather Bureau got it wrong.  Everywhere you go on the Goldie people are watching the weather radar instead, to see what the day will bring.  Mother says she would like the weather man’s job as it appears he can be wrong everyday and never get fired.

I got into a bit of a pickle today.  Mother had omitted to tell me that she had a couple of tons of soil dumped in the driveway.  As you all know I am severely sight impaired, in fact I could be described as the ‘non-seeing eye dog’.  Of course no one remembers my disability as I am still very agile and as you know love a plunge in the lily pond from time to time.

Mother had squeezed the car into the driveway, parking it Barney told me, half way up the  large pile of mulch that is also taking up much of the car parking space.  She opened the car doors and walked into the house leaving me to unknowingly jump straight into the pile of  soil.

My confusion knew no bounds, I floundered like a beached whale, completely out of my depth, trying to claw my way out of the loose, slippery dank smelling pile.  I yelped in fear, not knowing exactly what had befallen me.

Bella came rushing to my aid and pleaded with me to move towards her voice.  She began to bark loudly in order to attract Mother’s attention. I lost my footing once again and rolled somewhat ignominiously, I think, out of the pile.

Mother came running from the house and snappily told us to stop playing in the dirt and get into the house.  She can be quite insensitive at times.  I am avoiding the driveway for the time being.

We are cutting down trees in the garden this morning. A rather brusque gentleman arrived early, complaining loudly about the weather and his ladder.  This was a precursor to him not being able to complete the previously agreed job.

He dropped a large tree trunk on an outside tap, causing water to spout high into the air.  This was later used as an excuse for not completing the work.  It appeared our allotted time in his day had expired due to the delay caused by fixing the tap.

All of this has caused another tiraid on the nature of ‘Tradies’, generally in Australia and more specifically here on the Goldie.  I thought that we had heard the end of all of this but it would appear not.  He has also messed up the newly planted flowerbed which resulted in much dark muttering from you know who.

A trip to Ikea was made yesterday and we have been inundated with new christmas decorations.  I am convinced by now that Mother has no conception at all as to what the word ‘economy’ means.  We are not even home for christmas!

Aaag well…it keeps her out of trouble!

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