Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Hump Day Again

Bella has been anxiously watching the weather radar all day.  Huge storms are once again predicted for the Goldie and severe weather warnings issued.  I told her these warnings are mostly incorrect, but she would not be placated.  She says she can feel it in the air!

As we were retiring for the night we could hear the storm approaching.  The thunder had rumbled around us for the greater part of the evening, but now we could see the storm was rapidly approaching.

Bella got into bed and put her head under the nearest pillow trying to shut out the ominous rumbling of the thunder.  Mother increased the volume on the TV and closed all the doors and windows in an effort to allay the blonde dogs’ fears.

Once again the worst of the storms passed us by. Apparently we have had no more than a teaspoon of actual rain.  All that hype and we are still having to water the new plants.

We are expecting the Doodle cousins for a play date today.  Sid and Bella have become firm friends, she has quite forgiven him for his earlier indiscretions.  I think she likes the adoration and having a young thing by her side.

Barney is beside himself with jealousy, he pointed out that Sid is now getting away with murder.  He told Mother that he had seen him pee at least three times on the walls and carpets. He was told not to be such a snitch, so is now planning his revenge!

More Christmas decorations were purchased yesterday.  We are now the proud owners of a large stuffed Christmas dog.  He has taken up position on the lounge sofa and is lolling there looking as though he has already partaken of far too much Christmas cheer.

I have spoken quite sternly to Mother about her seeming inability to pass any Michaelmas display without bringing something home with her.  I reminded her of the twenty odd boxes sitting in our garage which are filled to capacity with red and silver and gold seasonal items. She has promised to try and do better in the coming days!

I am quite exhausted with the responsibility of keeping this family under control…..




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