Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Stormy Weather

What a weekend, we have been pelted with wind and rain and hailstones. Bella is severley traumatised and Mother has called her personal physician in order to acquire some doggie valium for her.

We check the weather radar on an hourly basis as the storms keep rolling in, hitting us with such ferocity that it has made us all creep up to the relative safety of our big kingsize bed.

The large shade sail over the parking area has been ripped from its moorings and has been flapping fiercely in the strong breeze.  We have been pleading to Mother to move to a place where there is less inclement weather.  We were somewhat snottily told to ‘grow a back bone’.  It appears that Australia is not for sissies!

Barney was in big trouble again yesterday, he caused a very big scene when we were out by the lake . We were sauntering quite happily around the water, when we were passed by a rather silly old person in a golf cart with a small white fluffy thing sitting on his lap.  He honked the horn of the cart quite aggressively for us to get out of his way.  Mother shook her fist at his fast disappearing cart, calling him one or two choice names which I feel too rude to repeat here.

Unfortunately this was not the last we saw of him.  Some twenty minutes later, he reappeared in the opposite direction.  This time he slowed as he approached our little group and for some odd reason held the small white fluffy object out towards us.  The movement was accompanied by inane laughter and a strange smile cracked his wrinkled face.

Barney, took this to mean the small white creature was fair game and launched himself at the buggy.  He landed right on top of the old man, who immediately let go of the fluffy object.

Chaos ensued as Barney found himself entangled with bits of the golf cart and unable to extricate himself from the situation.  He was being pushed  and shoved into the passenger seat.  This caused even more panic and the golf cart appeared in imminent danger of tipping over.

Mother rushed around to try and stop this happening and in doing so released Bella’s lead.  She took off after the small dog in an effort to stop it from coming to any further harm.

At this point the local security company turned up and some sort of order was returned to the scene.  Mother and the old man were involved in a heated exchange of abuse, each blaming the other for the incident.  He was bemoaning the possible loss of his tiny companion, when Bella turned up with what was now a small scruffy thing in tow.

The security man bade us to all be on our way.  It appeared the old man had simply wanted to befriend us and was now apologising for his undoubtedly strange behaviour.   This did not placate Mother who by now had him firmly placed in the ‘wierdo’ category.

I feel we are very close to being banned from yet another dog walking area.

Back to checking the weather radar….




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