Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Mid Week Tales

It has been a busy of couple of days, the work has continued at a heightened pace in the garden.  The workers have suddenly realised that the festive season is just around the corner.

As we are on a ‘DIY’ kick at the moment, Mother has been mowing the lawn herself and pretty good it looks, I must say.  Sid’s mum has been showing her the intricasies of using various powered garden tools and now feels that she is safe to be let loose with most of them.

Thankfully she has not graduated to the electric chain saw as yet.  Personally I feel that this particular item would be best left to an expert , but as you know the woman always thinks she knows best!

Sid has been banned from the house, he has been busted lifting his leg against our lounge furniture.  I have warned him about his anti-social behaviour, but he is a bit of an air head and nothing stays with him for very long!

Mother has been to see Bella’s personal physician to collect some calming medication for the weekend’s predicted harsh weather.  She is to be ‘doped up’ before the onset of a storm in the hope that her excessively hysterical behaviour will be curtailed.

Bella was in big trouble this afternoon, she was caught slurping Sid’s mum’s apple and blackberry cordial.  She has been warned in the past about stealing other people’s drinks. It is a habit from her ‘other life’ when she was a lorry driver’s Moll.  She insists that human drinks are much tastier than the plain water that we are generally offered.

We are entertaining tomorrow lunchtime.  The attendees are the ‘posh ladies who lunch’.  This is a group that has embraced Mother as one of their own and tomorrow it is time to return all their hospitality.

They are a pernickety group and Mother is pulling out all the stops to make sure that they are impressed with her entertaining skills. The silver and the crystal have all been polished and washed.

The ‘best’ dinner service has been taken out and the table set with our most exquisite linen.  I feel for all the effort we should extend an invitation to our Sovereign as it is certainly a setting fit for a Queen.

We are to be hidden away for the event, Mother feels that our manners are not up to scratch.  Apparently we are far too exuberant as a group and as such we will be confined to the upper floor of the house for the entire afternoon.  I protested most strongly about this, but there is to be no further discussion on the matter.

I am sure there will be much to report about the afternoon, I shall be eavesdropping from the top of the stairs!!

Night all…






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