Diary of a SAFFA Dog -Awesomeness

The luncheon party was a huge success.  All the hard work apparently paid off and many congratulations were uttered over the apparently very tasty food.  We were also commented on as a group, our behaviour was much admired.  Mother was told that we were ‘charming’ and ‘exceptionally well mannered’. We spent the afternoon basking in the praise and were presented with ‘leftovers’ for supper.

Our good behaviour at the social event was rewarded the next morning with an extremely long walk around our favourite lake.  This was followed by a more than excellent breakfast, all was well with our little world.

Bella has been popping pills all day, having looked at the weather radar and seen that there are yet more ‘super storms’ headed our way.  She is now frightened that there will be a tornado as she has seen there has been one not too terribly far away from us.

Nothing can be done to reassure her and she is prancing around like a demented dervish every time there is a puff of wind.  Mother says she can’t stand the nonsense any longer and is off out for the evening.

We were snugly locked in with the lights on and the TV playing loudly to try and cover the rising sound of the wind.  When the storm finally arrived Bella was so doped up that she slept through the whole thing leaving Barney and I to huddle together under the duvet.  Barney has suggested that we consume some of Bella’s wonder drug tomorrow as there is to be a repeat weather performance.

Mother went off to the theatre on Saturday evening, preceded by a meal at our favourite Thai restaurant.  We placed an order for coconut rice and begged her not to forget.  Whilst she was out we were subjected to yet another round of thunder and lightening, coupled with some scary rain.

Mother returned bearing the promised coconut rice and we all had a very tasty snack before retiring for the evening.  We are hoping for a quiet night free of cracks and bangs.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, the very best of Gold Coast mornings.  The rain has made the garden sparkle and shine in the early morning light.  We are to host a braai later on in the day.  Mother has purchased a new braai and this will require assembly during the course of the morning.

It is always an anxious time when the screwdrivers come out. We are experienced in stuffing up simple self assembly jobs. You can’t fault the woman for trying but she is not good at this type of activity.  Fortunately Piper and Ethel will be bringing their dad along to the braai so we stand a fair chance of eating at the end of the day.

We are off for an outing, more later….






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